What's the delivery fee?

Orders over $100 will deliver for free! Orders under $100 have a flat $10 delivery fee within San Diego.

When will my order be delivered?

Every week delivery times change due to the amount of orders recieved, so we ask that you are available from 8am-3pm to accept the delivery. The delivery driver will call or text you ahead of time to let you know they are on their way! If you are not available or would like a contactless delivery please place a cooler at your door with ice and we will place your order inside.

What if I won't be home for my delivery?

You can always choose to pay ahead of time and leave a cooler on your front porch. Just let us know in the notes during checkout that you will be leaving a cooler for drop off.

What if I miss my delivery driver's call?

We will keep your order and try to redeliver if still in area, we will not leave your order at your door unless otherwise specifically stated by you in the note's. If we do not hear from you by the time delivery has finished, you will have to pick up your order the next day. If you know you cannot answer the door or leave for any reason please place a cooler or cooler bag out front to collect your order.

What if I have some special requests for my order?

We try to accommodate as many special requests that we can but we are offering the fish straight off the boat at a great price so we are unable to accommodate every request. If you do have a request, put it in the notes section during checkout.

How will the fish loins arrive?

Each fish comes in ziploc bags in .8lb - 1.2lb pieces with the skin on and bloodline in. We suggest ordering at least 2lbs of each fish as it holds up better at that size. All fish will be delivered in about 1-2lb pieces unless otherwise noted. All weights are approximate, please understand it's impossible to have exact weight every time and they may come a little bit heavier or lighter than your exact order.  

How is the fish caught?

Our most used method of fishing is a deep set long line that avoids many unwanted species. Other common methods include rod and reel, harpoon, deep set buoy gear and trap fishing.

Why do you only deliver once a week?

We currently deliver one a day week in order to sell the fish as quickly and freshly as possible. We often begin taking orders for the fish before it's reached the docks to insure our customers get the freshest fish possible.

Why don't you offer the same fish each week?

Each week we sell what our Local boats bring in plus lot's of other great seafood options from our partner Chula seafood. Our partnership has given us the ability to offer you more than just local caught fish, but still up to our excellence and standards of amazing fresh fish so each week fish will change. Make sure you join our email list to see what we have to offer each week.

What does sushi grade mean?

The term “Sushi Grade” can be confusing as there are no official standards for what the term means. For us at Haworth Fish sushi grade means it is our highest quality fish and assigned a Grade 1 standard during the grading process. All of our fish comes fresh off the boat, never frozen. If you are concerned about eating the fish raw you are welcome to flash freeze the fish at home. We also suggest you read more about parasites that are found in fish species to educate yourself on what fish have them and how often they occur.