Deliveries are available on Saturday, August 7th. Place your order now! Deliveries are available on Saturday, August 7th. Place your order now!


What's the delivery fee?

Orders over $75 will deliver for free! Orders under $75 have a flat $10 delivery fee within San Diego.

When will my order be delivered?

Right now we don't have exact delivery times for orders so we ask that you are available from 10am-7pm to accept the delivery. The delivery driver will call you ahead of time to let you know they are on their way!

What if I won't be home for my delivery?

You can always choose to pay ahead of time and leave a cooler on your front porch. Just let us know in the notes during checkout that you will be leaving a cooler for drop off.

What if I have some special requests for my order?

We try to accommodate as many special requests that we can but we are offering the fish straight off the boat at a great price so we are unable to accommodate every request. If you do have a request, put it in the notes section during checkout.

How will the fish loins arrive?

Each fish comes in 1-2lb pieces with the skin on and bloodline in. We suggest ordering at least 2lbs of each fish as it holds up better at that size. All fish will be delivered in about 1-2lb pieces unless otherwise noted. All weights are approximate, as they may come a little bit heavier or lighter than your exact order. Our fish is fresh off local San Diego boats delivered on ice in tightly sealed plastic bags. 

Do you vacuum seal the fish?

No, we currently do not vacuum seal, each piece of fish is delivered in a tightly sealed plastic bag.

Where is the fish caught?

Our boats go in and out of the San Diego Harbor and many of our smaller boats will catch close to the shore. Our longline boats will go as far out as 500 miles off shore .

How is the fish caught?

Our most used method of fishing is a deep set long line that avoids all unwanted species.