Last of the MEMORIAL SPECIALS order now for 6/2 Friday Delivery! Last of the MEMORIAL SPECIALS order now for 6/2 Friday Delivery!

Ahi Tuna - 1lb

$17.25 $16.95

TASTE & FLAVOR: Our Ahi is both big eye and yellowfin tuna. It has a medium-mild flavor with very firm texture and a large flake. Ahi Tuna is more flavorful than albacore and less fatty than bluefin. The medium fat content makes Ahi Tuna an all around crowd pleaser. 

PREPARATION: Our ahi tuna is sushi/sashimi grade. We suggest eating it as sushi, sashimi, poke or quickly seared on the grill. Before you start cooking make sure to clean off the fish, pat dry, and remove the bloodline and skin with a sharp knife.


CAUGHT IN: San Diego, CA

BOAT: F/V Heather G


HOW IT COMES: Our fish is fresh with skin and bloodline to show freshness, comes delivered in gallon ziplock bags. Each pound is a weight estimate, it is not exact. We do our best to get it as close to the ordered weight as possible. Each cut of fish is anywhere from .8lbs-1.2lbs in size. We suggest ordering at least 2lbs for the best cuts of fish.

STORING: If you choose to store your fish in the refrigerator we suggest consuming it within 3 days of delivery. If you do not plan on eating the fish within 3 days we suggest freezing it immediately after delivery to ensure freshness. Before freezing we suggest removing the fish from the bag and patting dry Then place it in a vacuum sealed bag or double saran wrapped and place in ziploc before freezing. To defrost run cool (not hot) water over the bag for 5-10 minutes or Defrosting in the refrigerator.

SUSTAINABILITY: Please refer to NOAA's for more information on this species fishery. 

NOTICE: Consuming raw or undercooked seafood or shellfish may increase your risk of food-borne illness.