Bluefin Tuna - 1 lb


TASTE & FLAVOR: Bluefin tuna meat is the darkest and fattiest of any tuna. A higher fat content in bluefin tuna is equated with a higher-quality product. The flesh is very firm and has a distinctive flavor. It's high fat content makes it especially great for sushi and sashimi.

PREPARATION: Our bluefin tuna is fresh. We suggest eating it as sushi, sashimi, poke or quickly seared on the grill. Before you start to prepare make sure to pat dry, and remove the bloodline and skin with a sharp knife. If your eating raw we recommend lightly shaving 1mm of the air exposed meat for freshest quality. Please be aware of the risks you assume by eating raw or undercooked seafood

CAUGHT IN: San Diego

BOAT: F/V Sheerwater

FISHING SEASON: Can be year round but mostly caught between May and October.

HOW IT COMES: All of our fish is fresh, never frozen and comes delivered in gallon ziplock bags.

STORING: If you choose to store your fish in the refrigerator we suggest consuming it within 3 days of delivery. If you do not plan on eating the fish within 3 days we suggest freezing it immediately after delivery to ensure freshness. Before freezing we suggest removing the fish from the bag and patting dry Then place it in a vacuum sealed bag or double saran wrapped and place in ziploc before freezing. To defrost run cool (not hot) water over the bag for 5-10 minutes or Defrosting in the refrigerator. 

SUSTAINABILITY: Please refer to NOAA's FishWatch.gov for more information on this species fishery. 

NOTES: For deliveries each pound is a weight estimate, it is not exact. We do our best to get it as close to the ordered weight as possible. Each cut of fish is about 1-2lbs in size and we suggest ordering at least 2lbs for the best cut of fish.

NOTICE: We always prioritize health when eating seafood and advice not eating raw or undercooked seafood. Please be aware of the risks you assume by eating raw or undercooked seafood. Cooking seafood properly is essential as it eliminates harmful bacteria and parasites that can cause foodborne illnesses. The FDA recommends cooking seafood to an internal temperature of 145°F