Last of the MEMORIAL SPECIALS order now for 6/2 Friday Delivery! Last of the MEMORIAL SPECIALS order now for 6/2 Friday Delivery!

Live California Spiny Lobster


TASTE & FLAVOR: Our fresh California Spiny Lobsters are locally caught off the San Diego coast. It's sweet flavor and firm meat make it a local San Diego favorite. You can never go wrong with cooking spiny lobsters whether you want to bake, boil, steam, grill or smoke them. Just make sure to add your favorite herbs & spices and don't forget the butter...

PREPARATION: We suggest starting by freezing your live lobsters for about an hour to slow their movement down and make preparation easier. Then place the lobster belly down with a towel on top (to protect your hand). With one hand on the tail and one near the head twist and pull in opposing directions to remove the tail. Now you need to remove the intestines. Take off an antenna from the lobster head and turn the lobster belly side up. Use that antenna to place into the small hole near the base of the tail and insert all the way up. Twist and pull the antenna out which should attach to the intestines & remove it completely. 


CAUGHT IN: San Diego, CA

BOAT: F/V Elizabeth H

FISHING SEASON: October to March

HOW IT COMES: All lobsters will be delivered LIVE within the 1.2 - 1.5 lbs size range. The California Spiny Lobster has a good amount of tail meat on it but does NOT have claws.

STORING: Make sure to never leave your lobsters in a cooler with ice. If the ice melts the lobsters will drown. We suggest leaving them in the fridge or in a cooler with ice packs and cover them with a damp towel (only damp, not wet). For the freshest flavor we suggest removing the tails right before cooking. We also suggest eating the lobsters within the first 2 days of delivery & before the die naturally. If you'd prefer to freeze them you can remove the intestines & freeze whole but we always suggest eating them fresh!

SUSTAINABILITY: Please refer to NOAA's for more information on this species fishery. 

NOTES: For deliveries each pound is a weight estimate, it is not exact. We do our best to get it as close to the ordered weight as possible. Each cut of fish is about 1-2lbs in size and we suggest ordering at least 2lbs for the best cut of fish.

NOTICE: Consuming raw or undercooked seafood or shellfish may increase your risk of food-borne illness.